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Right to Buy Colin  Jones

Right to Buy

Colin Jones

Published May 12th 2006
ISBN : 9781405131971
264 pages
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 About the Book 

The Right to Buy (RTB) was established in 1980 and has been the most enduring privatisation of the Thatcher era. This book analyses and evaluates the operation and impact of the RTB and includes a critical appraisal of recent reforms including forthcoming Housing Act and the 2001 Housing (Scotland) Act. With the enactment of these changes under a Labour government affirming the continuance of the RTB this is a timely moment to take stock of a policy almost 25 years old. It has had the most profound effect on housing policy reversing the growth in social housing developed over the twentieth century, transforming the nations tenure structure, and revolutionising the housing system of the UK. The story of the RTB is central to our understanding of the housing system and inextricably linked to social change over the last two decades. The book begins with an analysis of the policy background to the establishment of the RTB and the main features of the legislation. and their impact on social housing- a chapter examining the financial aspects of the RTB from the viewpoints of tenants, local authorities and central government- one looking at the impact of the RTB via subsequent resales on the open market and on the private rented sector- and a chapter drawing on the information already reviewed to consider the potential of the RTB to create sustainable and diverse communities. In the final chapters the international experience of parallel policies are considered and the future take-up of the RTB is assessed in the light of recent reforms together with alternatives.